Emergency Dentist in Jacksonville, FL

Immediate action can save your tooth when it has been knocked out by a blow to the face. Call Normandy Dentistry to talk to our emergency dentist in Jacksonville, FL, about what to do. Let us provide you with sound advice on how to protect your tooth until you arrive at our dental practice for treatment. Technology and the latest advances in dentistry go a long way toward saving a tooth. Add the skill and knowledge of our emergency dentist to this and you have a formula for success. With more than 35 years of combined experience, our dentists act swiftly and decisively to protect and preserve teeth when damaged in an accident.

Emergency Dentist Works to Preserve Your Tooth

Just like with any other emergency, dental emergencies can happen at any time, usually when you least expect them. A tooth can get knocked out from a sports injury or a slip-and-fall on the stairs. When this happens to you or a member of your family, gently rinse the tooth and put it back in the socket or in a glass of milk. Then, call our dentist for an emergency appointment. The sooner we can see you, the greater are the chances for successfully reattaching your tooth.
Likewise, teeth can get chipped, cracked, or broken during routine daily activities. When this happens, rinse the broken parts of your tooth, as well as your mouth. Use pressure and a piece of gauze to stop bleeding. If there is swelling and pain, you can apply a cold compress for temporary relief. Then, reach out to our dentist for help.

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Action to Take in a Dental Emergency

Sometimes, teeth that have had dental work suffer damage from a blow or even something as ordinary as chewing. When a filling falls out, you can use dental cement or place a piece of sugar-free gum in the cavity until you can get to our office. For a crown that has come loose, put a bit of dental cement on the tooth and place the crown over it as a temporary measure. Clove oil or an over-the-counter medication helps to relieve pain. As soon as possible, come to our office so we can fix the filling or crown.
Brackets on braces can break free from your teeth and wires can loosen. You can use orthodontic wax as a temporary fix for the brackets. Cover wires that are stabbing your cheek or tongue with wax or gauze and call your orthodontist. A root canal also constitutes a dental emergency. Give us a call right away so we can schedule a same-day appointment and relieve your pain.

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