Root Canals in Jacksonville, FL

Stop the pain and save your tooth with root canals in Jacksonville, FL. Come to the family dentist at Normandy Dentistry for same-day treatment. Our practice offers emergency dentistry and root canals require prompt attention. Let us clean your tooth of infected material and restore its appearance with a crown.
Our dentists have more than 35 years of experience, along with the latest technology and newest practices. This combination ensures you receive the finest dental care. Along with that, we provide exceptional customer service in a welcoming environment with free consultations for second opinions. Schedule an appointment with our dentist for the treatment you require.

Root Canal Dentist Saves Your Tooth

Let our dentist save your tooth with a root canal when you are suffering from an infection in the tooth. We practice conservative dentistry, which means preserving your natural teeth is our priority. What we do is drill a tiny hole to remove infected pulp and bacteria from the inside of your tooth. Then, we flush the tooth with water. If infected, your tooth may require medicine. After that, we fill the root canal with gutta-percha and seal the tooth.
It is possible your tooth may require restoration, such as a crown, after the procedure. Feel confident that we make sure your tooth is free from infection and restored to its proper function and appearance after a root canal.

Root Canal Series - Root Canals Jacksonville FL

Root Canals Take Away the Pain

The pain you suffer from is an infection, inflammation, or an abscess that occurs when the inside of a tooth—specifically the pulp—is damaged. This infection may stem from a crack or chip in the tooth, problems with a crown, decay, or repeat dental work. Rely on our root canal dentist to give you relief from the pain. You may be surprised to learn that the pain you suffer from with the infection is much worse than treatment. A Root canal serves to alleviate your misery.  When pain is a concern, we offer sedation dentistry, which encompasses a variety of treatments that calms and relaxes our patients.
Our dentists make use of numbing gel to eliminate pain from an injection. We apply powerful local anesthetics, which can be warmed for your comfort. We also employ the latest technology in sedation devices, such as DentalVibe™ and CompuDent™. The vibrations from DentalVibe reach the brain before the pain does and prevents the patient from feeling pain, while CompuDent sends a steady flow of anesthesia right to the area that needs it most. Talk to our dentist about your concerns and we address them with the appropriate types of sedation dentistry.

Contact us today to relieve the pain from your aching tooth with root canal treatment. We provide cosmetic, family, and general dentistry for patients from Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville Beach, and Orange Park, Florida.